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About Us

What we do here at Northeast Auto Salon. We specialize in your vehicles appearance. Our main focus is to work closely with our customer's needs or visions of transforming their vehicle. Whether it be in our paint correction service to remove paint defects such as swirl marks,scratches, hard water spots, to restore your vehicles finish back to a beautiful deep brilliant gloss. If you seek to change your vehicle's appearance and style, our vehicle wrap service is for you! From full color changes, graphics and accents. We also can custom design and print almost anything! 

When you call Northeast Auto Salon, you will be speaking with Brian Beauvais. He is the man behind NEAS. Brian has about 10 years experience detailing high-end cars and is very passionate about what he does. He is also a die-hard car enthusiast, when Brian isn't detailing a vehicle he is out at the local car shows & events talking to people about their prized possessions. He loves to interact with people to share the knowledge of detailing and is eager to have his customers leave with a lasting impression of Northeast Auto Salon!

Equipment & Products used here at Northeast Auto Salon.

Power Eagle SS-2503-CL 210 degrees pressure washer.
GE water filtration system.
Highline paint depth meters.
Rupes polishing system.
Halogen,LED and florescent lighting.

Entire Carpro Line.
Menzerna Polishes.
Meguiar's Compounds, polishes and cleaners
Adam's products.
leatherique restoration products.
Leather Masters.
and more.