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Additional Services

Rim & Suspension Detailing

Cost: $250.00 most vehicles

Bare metal, painted and powder coated wheels will receive intensive cleaning, polishing to remove etching and receive a protective wheel coating to protect them in the future.

Wheels are removed in this service and reinstalled to factory torque specs.

Glass Coating

Cost: $150.00 all vehicles

After a thorough cleaning, claying and removing all water spot. We then coating the glass with a nano glass coating that will last 6-8 months min.

Upgrade to Carpro Flyby Forte on your windshield.

Expected durability is up to 2 years.

Add: $75.00

Engine Bay Detailing

Cost: $50.00

One of the most overlooked areas on a car is the engine bay. Keeping the engine bay clean not only looks good but also protects and maintains the engine. Using hot water steam and appropriate cleaners dirty engines are thoroughly cleaned and detailed. 

Headlight Restoration

Cost: $175

Our headlight restoration is a multiple process service including wet sanding with various grit papers, compounding, polishing to restore your faded lenses to 95% condition. Then we seal the headlamps using a dedicated UV resistant coating made for polycarbonate lenses to ensure that your headlights stay clear for years not months. Most lenses can be restored at a fraction of the cost of buying brand new headlight assemblies.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

 Cost: By Estimate

Our very talented PDR technician will message out dents and dings in your vehicle carefully from behind the body panel until it's virtually invisible.No filler and paint is needed, saving you time, money and holding your vehicles value with retaining factory paint and finish.

Rim Repair & Refinishing

Cost: By Estimate

Do you have scuffs in your wheels or accident got to close to the curb? No need to buy brand new wheels.We also can paint or powder coat almost any color of your choosing. Our wheel tech can repair and refinish your wheels back to factory standards using the latest equipment and techniques.