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New Car Detail

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Buying a new car, why get it detailed?

Contrary to popular belief, new cars rarely look their best. Despite being treated to a quick wash and polish by the dealership (which may even result in swirl marks caused by over-eager attention and wrong techniques), residue from the protective film they wear during transportation may remain. Plus they may have been stored outside for a number of months, near docks, railways and other industrial areas - before being treated to a light dusting of contaminants when transported on the road system or by rail. Why not let Northeast Auto Salon make the collection of your new car a day you'll really remember?


Sadly, cars are rarely delivered with perfect paint, even when brand new. This can be because of storage conditions, transportation damage or poor preparation pre-delivery. Therefore, to make new car collection or delivery as special as it should be, why not get the paint fully prepared and protected beforehand? Northeast Auto Salon New Car Preparation and Protection.

Brand new exotic vehicle such as Ferrari, Porsche and Lotus etc are painted and refinished by hand. In most cases there will be some sanding marks left over from the factory and other defects from shipment. There are a couple of names for these defects that were over-looked. The most common one we find are called "pig tails" from the factory removing an airborne particle that settled on the painted finish after a fresh coat was applied. This particle sometimes will get trapped between the D/A sander and the painted finish. Another problem is straight line sanding tracers from hand sanding in tighter areas where the D/A can't fit. Amount other problems such as buffer trails due to improper technique and marring from repeatably wiping these vehicles down. You would think these type of vehicle's finishes would be perfect, right? Most times that's not the case.

What's included:


  • 24 Step – hand wash over the entire vehicle, wheels, arches, and door, engine and trunk jambs.
  • Vehicle is hand dried using compressed air and synthetic absorber towels.
  • Full paint decontamination with Clay Bar treatment (removes embedded road grime, tar, paint splatter).
  • 1-stage machine polish to remove light swirl marks and hazing.
  • A synthetic sealant,wax or ceramic glass coating(additional charge) applied over paintwork, headlights and rear lights.
  • Tires dressed with a non-splatter, non-oily dressing.

Thorough vacuuming along with compressed air to remove dust, dirt and pollen.
C.Quartz Leather coating applied to seats and other leather surfaces(if vehicle is equipped)

Let us know if your buying a new car so we can get it detailed and protected. This service is for vehicles recently purchase.     

*this service also includes the interior detail.

**If vehicle is in severe condition(rare occurrence) one of our paint correction services will be needed.

Please contacts us in regards to new vehicle purchasing and delivery.