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Vehicle color change wraps, stripes, accents etc. are great way to style your vehicle without compromising your vehicles value and paint. Wrap is temporary but has a life span around 5-7 years while adding protection to your painted surface underneath. In turn helping your vehicle retain its value.  With hundred of colors and finishes to chose from ranging from gloss, metallic, pearlescent, satin, mattes, chrome and printed films. There is something for everyone!  




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full color change wraps

Changing the color of your vehicle without painting is an excellent way to change things up a bit without affecting value of your ride. Wrap vs paint is a common question that we get asked often. While paint has its place still. The cost to repaint properly and to a factory standard on a high-end vehicle can easily reach $30K. One aspect about wrapping is, say you found a used vehicle and everything is perfect, all but one thing... the color. That's where we come in! Wrapping that newly bought vehicle in your favorite color. Our wraps are done to a paint-like finish, putting in some of the same steps as painting a vehicle such as removing bumpers, lights, doors, trim etc. Some vehicles require more disassembly than others. For example, lighter color vehicles where you would notice the body color more so than darker colored vehicles, will require more detailed work. 

We have done many unique and one-off color wraps that have been shared and recognized around the world.  We are featured on many social media outlets, company advertisements and wrap installer locators. When choosing us to wrap your vehicle, you can rest assured that you are getting the knowledge, experience, working closely and staying up to date with the industry and creativity to help you decide on how to truly make your ride unique.  

When you inquire about the cost of our wrap installs, we will need a few things. We recommend setting up an appointment to come in and view the selection of samples. You can bring the samples outside and view them under the sun and put them next your vehicle to get a better idea of what it may look like. We can then go over the vehicle with you to explain the different techniques we use for that paint like finish. If you decide you'd like to do it over the phone or email. We need year, make, model, color and condition. Photos are great way to get a better idea on what we are working with.


stripes and accents

For our stripes and accents, we use the same film as our color change wraps. Unlike a typical vinyl sign shop where they might have a dozen of the basic colors that is used for their signs or decals, which is often a thicker heavily textured material. We use the very same films as our color change wraps. Resulting in a more paint like finish and there are hundreds of colors, textures and finishes to choose from. All of our stripes are custom installed to your exact specifications using a special tape called, Knifeless Tape® ordesigned and cut on our plotter in house. 

hOOD WRAP - $250
tRUNK WRAP - $350
aLL THREE - $750
mIRRORS - $200

Ford Mustang "super snake" stripe $750*
Ford Mustang Dual Stripe - $650*
Chevrolet Corvette c7 Dual stripes $750*
Chevrolet Corvette C6 dual stripes - $800*
Chevrolet Corvette C7 "stinger stripe" - $200
Rookie/hash mark stripes - $200
Add pin striping - $150*

*Pricing subject to change depending on material and customer install requests


Interior Design Wraps

This is a great way to add some style to your interior trim moldings, smooth plastics, bezels etc. Update that old wood grain or add wood grain vinyl. 
Let us install carbon fiber or brushed style vinyl for a more sporty feel. Or something more luxurious such as satin or matte finish films. 

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