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Northeast Auto Salon is the finest automotive facility in NH, Boston, MA and New England. Specializing in vehicle surface protection, refinement, refinishing, and visual customization. We offer a copious selection of services that are tailored for you and your vehicle. At NEAS, we believe that every vehicle is unique, and work closely with our customer's needs & ideas to deliver maximum results. Please take the time to look around at what we have to offer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


What We Do

Our vision for unparalleled automotive care and aesthetics


 Here at Northeast Auto Salon we specialize in your vehicle's appearance. Our main focus is to work closely with our customer's needs or visions of transforming their vehicle. Our paint correction service to remove paint defects such as swirl marks,scratches, hard water spots. to restore your vehicles finish back to a beautiful deep brilliant gloss. If you seek to change your vehicle's appearance and style, our vehicle wrap service is for you! From full color changes, graphics and accents. We also provide the leading brands in surface protection such as CQuartz coatings and Xpel paint protection films provide long lasting protection from harmful elements of every day driving in New England. 

highlighted service

          vehicle wraps and accents         

Adding a unique style that is AESTHETICALLY EXCITING as well as protecting your vehicle's surface.